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Wheel Cover

As Kps Automotive, we are pleased to present our lug caps, which we produce with high quality and reasonable prices, to our valued customers.

Together with our professional team, we manufacture lowbet lug caps, animal transport trailer lug caps, trailer lug caps, truck lug caps, towing wheel caps prices, construction equipment lug cap models, truck rubber lug caps.

We manufacture trailer lug caps, trailer lug caps, bulkhead lug caps, damper lug caps, raft body lug caps, construction equipment lug caps, flatbed tanker drip caps, and make sure that you, our valued customers, are satisfied. we are winning.

Our lug caps, which we offer especially to trailer, semi-trailer, construction equipment, trailer, tractor and machine manufacturers, are economical and of high quality in terms of price. We sell and manufacture wheel bolt caps on a wholesale basis. Our wheel bolt caps can be manufactured with or without writing.

You can contact us at +90 332 235 00 91 to get information about the wheel cover and prices and to buy our products.